Alligator skin Dip can holder

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Proudly HandMade in Midland TX this snuff dip can holder is made with real American Alligator Hornback skin hide ( This particular part is located behind the head on the neck area of the alligator) also the holder/holster is made with cowhide leather dyed in black. The American Alligator skin hide color is also black. Stop ruining your pants and shirts with that ring mark on your pockets, The holder/ Holster style has a metal clip on the back that is meant to be worn outside the pockets or the pants waist band over the belt, you will get alot of compliments with this holster and stand out from the rest!!! This Alligator Hornback skin holder/holster is very limited you can only make one of every Alligator Hornback skin hide I get and since I hardly ever work with the hornback side of the Alligator i work most of the time with the belly side of the Alligator it will be a while for me to make another one like this so take advantage if you like this holder/holster before somebody else buys it!!! I can guarantee you wont find anything like this or even close to this holder/ holster on any store or online because I handmake very unique exotic skin items you wont find anywhere else!!!