About us

       First of all i want to thank you for checking out my website, Heres the story of how it all started ive been working with leather since the year 2000. I have several family members that worked in a major name brand boot factory in el paso tx and thats how i was introduce to leather especially exotic skins since that moment i touch and smelled all those different exotic skins and leather I fell in love with leather working and my passion grew each time i made something with my hands and basically just a skin hide and some basic tools. Since i have family members that worked in the boot industry that gave me access to all exotic skins available today. I work with all exotic skins from the smallest frog skin to the largest elephant skin legally available. All distributors or tanneries were a buy all the skin hides import all skins following all cites regulations and rules and all skin hides that are regulated by cites have their appropiate cite tags on them. I moved in 2010 from El Paso Tx to Midland Tx and my shop is currently located behind my house that translates into savings towards you without cutting corners and over pricing items!!!

             I work with the following skin hides:
Alligator, Anaconda, Beaver tail, Cape Buffalo, Caiman, Crocodile, Cobra, Elephant, Fish skin, Frog skin, Giraffe, Hippo, Kangaroo, Karung snake, Lizard, Ostrich, Shell Cordovan, Stingray, Shark and Python